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How To Find The Right Person To Date Sample

How To Find The Right Person To Date Sample by Celia John

Black Women You Are Life (Poem) Shawn G

Black Women You Are Life Poem By Shawn G

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Overcome Books is a new website that was created to promote books written by Celia John. She has written various books about dating, relationships and has poetry books.

Celia also has other interests such as the creation of various websites.

She has created this website Black Women Poetry because she is interested in uplifting black women everywhere.

She also created the website Overcome Domestic Violence because as a survivor of domestic violence she would like to encourage other victims of domestic abuse to leave abuse behind.

Her dating and relationship books called Get Out If You Can How To Escape An Abusive Relationship and Be Happy and How To Find The Right Person To Date will give you the knowledge you need to choose a good partner and avoid abusive relationships.

Her poetry books  Poems, Poetry and Love Poems are written based on her experiences with life, love and relationships.

Visit Overcome Books to learn more and buy her books. Follow Overcome Books  on Google Plus.

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