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Overcome Books is a new website that was created to promote books written by Celia John. She has written various books about dating, relationships and has poetry books.

Celia also has other interests such as the creation of various websites.

She has created this website Black Women Poetry because she is interested in uplifting black women everywhere.

She also created the website Overcome Domestic Violence because as a survivor of domestic violence she would like to encourage other victims of domestic abuse to leave abuse behind.

Her dating and relationship books called Get Out If You Can How To Escape An Abusive Relationship and Be Happy and How To Avoid Dating An Abuser will give you the knowledge you need to choose a good partner and avoid abusive relationships.

Her poetry books  Poems, Poetry and Love Poems are written based on her experiences with life, love and relationships.

Visit Overcome Books to learn more and buy her books. Follow Celia John on Google Plus

Africa by April Norris

Woman Wearing a Green Dress and Headress
Africa by April Norris

You are the original man.
Your black skin was His plan.
God made you in His image.
Full of power, love, and courage!

Woman to Woman by Mulatto G

woman sitting in the darkWoman to Woman by Mulatto G

woman to woman

why the divide?

where is the pain stemming from sis?
what is your motivation..

why do you give away your womanly joy..

life is life..

love is love

your responsible for how you let that affectyour life

shuga..can’t you see we are one in the same

our hearts have identical strings..

where is your mother

she’s the example you hold onto…


woman to woman

I see you lil girl in the depth of your eyes..

why are you letting life pass you by…

precious gifts born unto
you have never been unwrapped…. y

ou hold onto them so tight…afraid
sis why are you so afraid??????

let me look at you…

let met tell you that I see him, the job, the kids, the struggles, the triumphs, the
mistakes, the lessons, the fun, the accomplishments,.

I see it all..


woman to woman

look for the God within,,,

thats where the peace
you have been yearning lays in wait….

what is your purpose lady..

Do you even know……..

don’t wallow in the mishaps of life before…

Dig deep my girl….

pull out the unknown the insecurities you’ve buried
deep…give them away….

set em out to sea.

take my shoulder..

Rest your head…

listen to the whispers of God telling you that you were
made in his perfect plan…

my dear,


woman to woman

you are strong…
you are magnificent…..

you are no secret…

you are on purpose..

you are the light within..


inside is the creation of a new you..

learn to hold yourself like I would…

learn to love your self like I would….

woman to woman

learn to be your own best friend…

so you can be a companion for others…


woman to woman

learn to forgive…

forgive like God’s forgiven you…

sweetie learn to forgive yourself for the
things you could control and the things you couldn’t..


woman to woman
look in that mirror

take in the combination of mother and father…

don’t shy away from the beauty displayed in the glass..


woman to woman

the clock is ticking…..

baby girl make sure your legacy
doesn’t title time wasted..

turn your fears into the drive that will
carry you throughout the blueprint of your existence..

its okay to take
that first step …

if you don’t someone else will….

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