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Free Ebook For Easter

How To Avoid Dating An Abuser

I have recently published a book called How To Avoid Dating An Abuser which I am offering as a free ebook download during Easter.
My offer ends Easter Monday April 21.

Click the link below to download you copy now!

Download Free Copy Of How To Avoid Dating An Abuser

How To Avoid Abusive Relationships

How To Avoid Abusive Relationships

What would you do if you could avoid getting into an abusive relationship? What if you could have the secret to avoiding all those bad relationships and finding a good partner? Look at the slideshow below and find out more.

Stop Workplace Bullying

businesswoman on the telephone

I hate bullies. I hate how they treat people and I hate how they do not care how they make people feel or the effects they have on people’s lives. In the workplace bullies still exist. I remember when I was younger I thought that adults were so mature and that they had everything under control. But the sad fact is sometimes the dynamics of the playground are played out again and again in the workplace.

The problem is that there are some mangers who let power go to their heads and there are some who abuse power. They can use their power to abuse other people who work for them. They may do this by speaking down to the person. In other words speaking to them as if they are a child, telling them off or embarrassing them in public by speaking harshly.

Why do bullies bully? Who knows?
Some people say they are insecure and that they bully people to make themselves feel better. Whether they are insecure or not I say that bullies are just plain mean and just don’t care how their victims feel.

In the end, I feel the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them. Let them know you won’t tolerate what they are doing. It may be scary to let a manager know you don’t like what they are doing if they are bullying you but what is the alternative? Being a doormat for them the rest of your time at work?

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. It is our human right. So what do I do with the bullies of the world? I stand up to them, scary or painful it may be at the time but I’ve never regretted doing it.

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